Wedding toast maid of honorSo you’re the maid of honor, and among the many duties that entails, you will also need to prepare a great speech for the reception.

It’s wonderful to prepare what you are going to say in advance, so that come toast time at the wedding, your speech rolls of the tongue as if you’re just speaking naturally. If you’re already a great public speaker, awesome! You may just need to come up with some points of what you are going to talk about, and it will come out effortlessly. However, for most of us, speaking in front of a large audience isn’t always that easy, and preparing it can be even more difficult.

With the right preparation though, you can be that relaxed, engaging, confident speaker and deliver a great speech that everyone at the wedding will be happy to listen to, and that the bride will just adore!

To get you started, here are the basics to start thinking about – this should be a great starting point to jot down some ideas for your speech. This is the first of our tips in this series of posts dedicated to giving a great maid of honor toast.

Setting the tone of your speech

Be yourself when writing and delivering your speech. If you’re normally a funny person that cracks a few jokes here and there, then include one in the opening of your speech. If you’re more of  a sweet, to the point person, then write and deliver your speech this way. Don’t feel like you have to try to make it funny or this or that because that’s what most people do, it will just come across as unnatural – remember the saying “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”.

The basics of what to include in your toast

    • How you know the bride or the couple. Share some lovely things you adore about the bride, whether she is your sister, best friend, cousin etc.
    • Keep it positive. It’s the brides day and this is the right time to make her feel extra special and loved. Shine a light on her great qualities.
    • Tell any sweet stories you have about the two of them, how they met, endearing things about their relationship etc.
    • Finish your speech with a warm close and wish the bride and groom well. This part should truly be from the heart and convey your well wishes for them into the future in wedded bliss.

Take a shortcut…25 sample speeches from a Wedding industry pro

If you want to get your amazing speech written and out of the way ASAP, we highly recommend this e-book written by a pro in the speech industry. There’s 25 written examples for you to be inspired by or take bits from + everything else you need to nail your Maid of Honor speech today.

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