Need some examples of great maid of honor speeches? Check out these videos below. We’ve trawled Youtube to find samples of the best speeches given at real weddings. They range from the funny, to the thoughtful, to the extremely creative song as a speech. Be inspired!

The first is a lovely creative, and thoughtful speech which is not too long but covers all the important parts while still being entertaining and unique. It really pulls together so well at the end with the lotto ticket. Imagine if the bride and groom actually won something on this, how special! Even if they don’t it’s a unique keepsake of their wedding.

This is a great example of a funny maid of honor speech. It’s quite long, but sounds like all of the guests are really enjoying it. This girl just seems naturally funny and entertaining. We’d say keep it under 5 minutes though.

Now this one is very creative, perhaps not something many of us could pull off, but it is very entertaining! What an awesome sister to write a song for the toast!

More examples are coming soon, including written samples and lots more videos. There are so many of them around.

For 25, time tested amazing MOH wedding speeches all written out, check this out. You’ll be well on your way to having THE speech that you’ll enjoy giving, and that the bride and other guests will love listening to.

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