I’ve seen lots of images of the cupcake wedding dress floating around, this is such a gorgeous idea for the bridal shower! It’s relatively easy to make, looks creative, and is a great centrepiece for the shower. Basically you just need the cupcakes iced with a simple rose/swirl design, then arrange them in the shape of a wedding dress. Here’s some gorgeous pictures for your inspiration, and a more detailed how to at the bottom of this post.

I think this would also work really well with mini cupcakes, I haven’t seen any pictures but they’d add a more detailed texture, and mini cupcakes are so much easier to eat too!

How to make the dress

  • You’ll need between 25 – 35 cupcakes depending on the design you want, how big the dress will be, and the size of the cupcakes you make.
  • Ice the cupcakes with a basic swirl/rose design. This is a great tutorial on how to pipe roses onto cupcakes. If you used small cupcakes, you could worry even less about the icing texture.¬†
  • ¬†Arrange the iced cupcakes into the design on a cake board or large platter. It might take a little playing around with to get it right. It’s easiest if you start by laying the waist out first, then arrange the others symetrically around it.
  • For the waist section, you could use cupcakes decorated in a different colour, or once everything is arranged, top the white cupcakes with a ribbon, pearls, lace or other pretty things that fit the theme of the bridal shower.