Classy bachelorette party ideas

Classy bachelorette party

If you’re planning a bachelorette/hens party, and want it classy without the tacky cliché’s we normally associate with them, here’s a few do’s and don’ts to help you out.


1.       Have a classy costume/dress up theme. Setting a theme that is traditionally classy is bound to get everyone looking the part for the party. Themes like 1950’s, Mad Men and 1920’s Great Gatsby style are all elegant styles of dress and most girls love to step back in time with these costumes.

2.       Host the party at a fabulous private location. If the budget permits, hire out a swanky hotel, or if one of the bridal party has a great house for the party, host it there. Private locations can be so much more fun because you have full control over the decorations, drinks and the people around you.

3.      Pick a beautiful theme for the decorations. Particularly if you’re hosting the party at a hotel or home, this is a great chance to pick a gorgeous theme and get some beautiful decorations to go with it. Not just basic, off-the-rack stuff, but decorations you make at home can really add a nice touch. Look at paper decorations you like and then use fabric monogrammed with initials or a saying to really class it up. When picking a theme, the easiest place to start is with what the bride likes. Some ideas for the bachelorette party theme:

-Masquerade party

-Old Hollywood

-Burlesque (keep the costumes classy!)

-Great Gatsby

-A night at the Oscars


-Alice in Wonderland

-Just pick a colour. Some popular colour themes for bachelorette parties are pink and black, tiffany blue, all white, gold glitter and glitz.

4.       Have some good champas! Nothing says class like a bottle of good champas to share among the guests.

5.       Host a high tea. Have a brunch are afternoon high tea – ladylike dresses are a must.

6.       Have beautiful finger food. Pretty finger food like cupcakes, cake pops and mini sandwiches can add just as much to the beautiful look of a room as the decorations do. They’re just so much more fun to eat too!

7.       Hire a yacht. Again if the budget permits, what a fabulous party it would be on a yacht!

8.      Male eye candy. If you want some male eyecandy, instead of a stripper, hire a cute shirtless waiter.



  1. I’d say don’t hire a stripper – come on we all know they are not classy and definitely not enjoyed by the ladies as much as the gents would enjoy one at their bucks party.
  2. No penis straws, games etc. While these can get a bit of a giggle, if you’re going for a classy party, cross these off the list.
  3. Keep the costumes classy – having a dress up theme for a bachelorette party is a heap of fun, but sometimes ‘dress up’ can turn into wear as little as possible for some girls depending on the theme. So choose wisely!

Here’s to a fabulous bachelorette party!