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Classy bachelorette party ideas

Classy bachelorette party

If you’re planning a bachelorette/hens party, and want it classy without the tacky cliché’s we normally associate with them, here’s a few do’s and don’ts to help you out.


1.       Have a classy costume/dress up theme. Setting a theme that is traditionally classy is bound to get everyone looking the part for the party. Themes like 1950’s, Mad Men and 1920’s Great Gatsby style are all elegant styles of dress and most girls love to step back in time with these costumes.

2.       Host the party at a fabulous private location. If the budget permits, hire out a swanky hotel, or if one of the bridal party has a great house for the party, host it there. Private locations can be so much more fun because you have full control over the decorations, drinks and the people around you.

3.      Pick a beautiful theme for the decorations. Particularly if you’re hosting the party at a hotel or home, this is a great chance to pick a gorgeous theme and get some beautiful decorations to go with it. Not just basic, off-the-rack stuff, but decorations you make at home can really add a nice touch. Look at paper decorations you like and then use fabric monogrammed with initials or a saying to really class it up. When picking a theme, the easiest place to start is with what the bride likes. Some ideas for the bachelorette party theme:

-Masquerade party

-Old Hollywood

-Burlesque (keep the costumes classy!)

-Great Gatsby

-A night at the Oscars


-Alice in Wonderland

-Just pick a colour. Some popular colour themes for bachelorette parties are pink and black, tiffany blue, all white, gold glitter and glitz.

4.       Have some good champas! Nothing says class like a bottle of good champas to share among the guests.

5.       Host a high tea. Have a brunch are afternoon high tea – ladylike dresses are a must.

6.       Have beautiful finger food. Pretty finger food like cupcakes, cake pops and mini sandwiches can add just as much to the beautiful look of a room as the decorations do. They’re just so much more fun to eat too!

7.       Hire a yacht. Again if the budget permits, what a fabulous party it would be on a yacht!

8.      Male eye candy. If you want some male eyecandy, instead of a stripper, hire a cute shirtless waiter.



  1. I’d say don’t hire a stripper – come on we all know they are not classy and definitely not enjoyed by the ladies as much as the gents would enjoy one at their bucks party.
  2. No penis straws, games etc. While these can get a bit of a giggle, if you’re going for a classy party, cross these off the list.
  3. Keep the costumes classy – having a dress up theme for a bachelorette party is a heap of fun, but sometimes ‘dress up’ can turn into wear as little as possible for some girls depending on the theme. So choose wisely!

Here’s to a fabulous bachelorette party!

45 Sayings for the bridal shower cake

45 sayings and messages for the bridal shower cakeThe ultimate list of sayings to write on the bridal shower cake, there’s 45 of them here for you to choose from!


General sayings, quotes, message and ideas

  • Sweetest Wishes for the Soon-to-be Mrs.!
  • From Miss to Mrs with our best wishes
  • Love is sweet
  • To Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After…
  • Cheers to the Bride!
  • Every Love Story Is Beautiful, But Ours Is My Favorite
  • Congrats to the soon to be Mrs {new surname}
  • A spoonful of hugs. A handful of kisses, soon they will be Mr and Mrs
  • Showers of happiness {Bride’s name + Groom’s name}
  • Live well, Love much, Laugh often
  • Star light, Star bright {Bride’s name} has found her Mr Right
  • {Bride’s name + Groom’s name} and the date of the wedding
  • Together is a wonderful place to be..
  • It started with a kiss and now it’s come to this
  • Much happiness {Bride’s name + Groom’s name}
  • Here comes the bride
  • Dreams do come true
  • Here’s to the Sweet Things to Come
  • One Day Closer to Your Dreams Coming True!
  • Richest Blessings for the Beautiful Bride-to-be
  • May Your Life with {Groom’s name} Be Full of Sugar!
  • Isn’t Love Delicious?
  • We Joyfully Anticipate Your Beautiful Ever After
  • A Shower of Good Wishes
  • Wishing You a Life Showered with Love
  • May your life together be one great adventure
  • Love is in the Air
  • Wishing You a Life Showered with Love
  • Love Makes All of Life Sweeter
  • You’re Penning a New Chapter in Your Love Story!
  • Here’s to the Sweet Things to Come
  • {Bride’s name}… The Best is Yet to Come!
  • Happy Hearts Forever
  • Best Wishes For A Lifetime of Wonderful Tomorrows
  • Like Happiness & Love…May You Always Go Hand in Hand

Lingerie themed shower

  • Something Sexy, Something Sweet, Something to knock {Groom’s name} off his feet

Shoes theme

  • {Bride’s name} is head over heels in love

Tea party theme

  • {Bride’s name + Groom’s name} are suited to a tea

Sports theme

  • {Bride’s name and Groom’s name} are suited to a tee (golf)
  • You scored a touchdown, {Bride’s name and Groom’s name} (football)
  • You hit a home run (baseball)
  • Three cheers for {Bride’s name and Groom’s name} (any sport)

Beach theme wedding

  • Just like the sand and sea you two were meant to be
  • Sunny wishes for the future Mr. and Mrs.

Floral theme

  • A basket full of wishes for the soon to be Mrs.

Funny message

  • Officially off the market
  • Retired single
  • Happily Ever After Should Come With Instructions and Replacement parts

Camo/hunting themed wedding

  • “The hunt is over”


Unique bachelorette party ideas

The bachelorette partyWhile it is alot of fun, a bachelorette party doesn’t have to just be drinking, dancing and strippers. Here’s four unique ideas for a party that is sure to keep everyone entertained no matter what your tastes.

1. Take a group dance class – you could do a pole dancing class, burlesque, salsa etc. Lots of places offer these classes especially for bachelorette/hens parties. They make it lots of fun, easy for everyone to participate, and generally fit it into a couple of hours. You’re then left with the night/afternoon to drink, dance, chat…

2. Do a DIY – Another great way to start off an afternoon/night is to do a DIY party. They range from making a fascinator, painting pottery, sewing etc. These are a great ice breaker if there’s lots of guests who don’t already know each other. Everyone is kept busy but can chat about what they’re doing together.

3. Have a fabulous cocktail party at home – You don’t have to go out to drink and have a great time. Why not host a classy cocktail party at home. On the invitations, ask each guest to bring a specific bottle of alcohol. Then you can have a menu of cocktails at the party and it’s fun for everyone to have a go at mixing the cocktails. Set the dress code to cocktail to give everyone a great excuse to put on a fab frock.

4. A girls pamper night in – Kind of like when you’re a teenager and everyone just gets together to talk girly stuff, do nails etc. but grown up. Have some girly party food including cupcakes, champagne and cute finger food. Do manis/pedis, facials, possibly even have a professional masseuse come in for an hour or so.

Cupcake wedding dress for the bridal shower

I’ve seen lots of images of the cupcake wedding dress floating around, this is such a gorgeous idea for the bridal shower! It’s relatively easy to make, looks creative, and is a great centrepiece for the shower. Basically you just need the cupcakes iced with a simple rose/swirl design, then arrange them in the shape of a wedding dress. Here’s some gorgeous pictures for your inspiration, and a more detailed how to at the bottom of this post.

I think this would also work really well with mini cupcakes, I haven’t seen any pictures but they’d add a more detailed texture, and mini cupcakes are so much easier to eat too!

How to make the dress

  • You’ll need between 25 – 35 cupcakes depending on the design you want, how big the dress will be, and the size of the cupcakes you make.
  • Ice the cupcakes with a basic swirl/rose design. This is a great tutorial on how to pipe roses onto cupcakes. If you used small cupcakes, you could worry even less about the icing texture. 
  •  Arrange the iced cupcakes into the design on a cake board or large platter. It might take a little playing around with to get it right. It’s easiest if you start by laying the waist out first, then arrange the others symetrically around it.
  • For the waist section, you could use cupcakes decorated in a different colour, or once everything is arranged, top the white cupcakes with a ribbon, pearls, lace or other pretty things that fit the theme of the bridal shower.

Writing the best maid of honor speech

Wedding toast maid of honorSo you’re the maid of honor, and among the many duties that entails, you will also need to prepare a great speech for the reception.

It’s wonderful to prepare what you are going to say in advance, so that come toast time at the wedding, your speech rolls of the tongue as if you’re just speaking naturally. If you’re already a great public speaker, awesome! You may just need to come up with some points of what you are going to talk about, and it will come out effortlessly. However, for most of us, speaking in front of a large audience isn’t always that easy, and preparing it can be even more difficult.

With the right preparation though, you can be that relaxed, engaging, confident speaker and deliver a great speech that everyone at the wedding will be happy to listen to, and that the bride will just adore!

To get you started, here are the basics to start thinking about – this should be a great starting point to jot down some ideas for your speech. This is the first of our tips in this series of posts dedicated to giving a great maid of honor toast.

Setting the tone of your speech

Be yourself when writing and delivering your speech. If you’re normally a funny person that cracks a few jokes here and there, then include one in the opening of your speech. If you’re more of  a sweet, to the point person, then write and deliver your speech this way. Don’t feel like you have to try to make it funny or this or that because that’s what most people do, it will just come across as unnatural – remember the saying “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”.

The basics of what to include in your toast

    • How you know the bride or the couple. Share some lovely things you adore about the bride, whether she is your sister, best friend, cousin etc.
    • Keep it positive. It’s the brides day and this is the right time to make her feel extra special and loved. Shine a light on her great qualities.
    • Tell any sweet stories you have about the two of them, how they met, endearing things about their relationship etc.
    • Finish your speech with a warm close and wish the bride and groom well. This part should truly be from the heart and convey your well wishes for them into the future in wedded bliss.

Take a shortcut…25 sample speeches from a Wedding industry pro

If you want to get your amazing speech written and out of the way ASAP, we highly recommend this e-book written by a pro in the speech industry. There’s 25 written examples for you to be inspired by or take bits from + everything else you need to nail your Maid of Honor speech today.

Next post>> Video examples of great Maid of honor speeches

Maid of honor speech examples

Need some examples of great maid of honor speeches? Check out these videos below. We’ve trawled Youtube to find samples of the best speeches given at real weddings. They range from the funny, to the thoughtful, to the extremely creative song as a speech. Be inspired!

The first is a lovely creative, and thoughtful speech which is not too long but covers all the important parts while still being entertaining and unique. It really pulls together so well at the end with the lotto ticket. Imagine if the bride and groom actually won something on this, how special! Even if they don’t it’s a unique keepsake of their wedding.

This is a great example of a funny maid of honor speech. It’s quite long, but sounds like all of the guests are really enjoying it. This girl just seems naturally funny and entertaining. We’d say keep it under 5 minutes though.

Now this one is very creative, perhaps not something many of us could pull off, but it is very entertaining! What an awesome sister to write a song for the toast!

More examples are coming soon, including written samples and lots more videos. There are so many of them around.

For 25, time tested amazing MOH wedding speeches all written out, check this out. You’ll be well on your way to having THE speech that you’ll enjoy giving, and that the bride and other guests will love listening to.

Find more tips for writing your own maid of honor speech here.