45 sayings and messages for the bridal shower cakeThe ultimate list of sayings to write on the bridal shower cake, there’s 45 of them here for you to choose from!


General sayings, quotes, message and ideas

  • Sweetest Wishes for the Soon-to-be Mrs.!
  • From Miss to Mrs with our best wishes
  • Love is sweet
  • To Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After…
  • Cheers to the Bride!
  • Every Love Story Is Beautiful, But Ours Is My Favorite
  • Congrats to the soon to be Mrs {new surname}
  • A spoonful of hugs. A handful of kisses, soon they will be Mr and Mrs
  • Showers of happiness {Bride’s name + Groom’s name}
  • Live well, Love much, Laugh often
  • Star light, Star bright {Bride’s name} has found her Mr Right
  • {Bride’s name + Groom’s name} and the date of the wedding
  • Together is a wonderful place to be..
  • It started with a kiss and now it’s come to this
  • Much happiness {Bride’s name + Groom’s name}
  • Here comes the bride
  • Dreams do come true
  • Here’s to the Sweet Things to Come
  • One Day Closer to Your Dreams Coming True!
  • Richest Blessings for the Beautiful Bride-to-be
  • May Your Life with {Groom’s name} Be Full of Sugar!
  • Isn’t Love Delicious?
  • We Joyfully Anticipate Your Beautiful Ever After
  • A Shower of Good Wishes
  • Wishing You a Life Showered with Love
  • May your life together be one great adventure
  • Love is in the Air
  • Wishing You a Life Showered with Love
  • Love Makes All of Life Sweeter
  • You’re Penning a New Chapter in Your Love Story!
  • Here’s to the Sweet Things to Come
  • {Bride’s name}… The Best is Yet to Come!
  • Happy Hearts Forever
  • Best Wishes For A Lifetime of Wonderful Tomorrows
  • Like Happiness & Love…May You Always Go Hand in Hand

Lingerie themed shower

  • Something Sexy, Something Sweet, Something to knock {Groom’s name} off his feet

Shoes theme

  • {Bride’s name} is head over heels in love

Tea party theme

  • {Bride’s name + Groom’s name} are suited to a tea

Sports theme

  • {Bride’s name and Groom’s name} are suited to a tee (golf)
  • You scored a touchdown, {Bride’s name and Groom’s name} (football)
  • You hit a home run (baseball)
  • Three cheers for {Bride’s name and Groom’s name} (any sport)

Beach theme wedding

  • Just like the sand and sea you two were meant to be
  • Sunny wishes for the future Mr. and Mrs.

Floral theme

  • A basket full of wishes for the soon to be Mrs.

Funny message

  • Officially off the market
  • Retired single
  • Happily Ever After Should Come With Instructions and Replacement parts

Camo/hunting themed wedding

  • “The hunt is over”